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Help Documentation


Keep up to date on all recently posted Kudos, company news, birthdays/work anniversaries, system notifications and activities due in the next 30 days.

Performance Dialogues

Complete personalized dialogue forms for each team member using multiple dialogue form types.


Set individual development goals for each team member and rate progress in performance reviews.


Learn how to give important feedback for your team members.

Mobile Site

The BLOOM Mobile site is optimized for smartphone devices. Learn tips/tricks on the mobile site.

Learning Management

Assign and track learning activities and programs as assigned to each team member or role for continued skill development.

Performance and Personal Journals

Use the Performance and Personal Journals to record team member performance.

Organizational Growth Plans

Develop high-level organizational goals, objectives, strategies and tactics, assign to team members and monitor progress and budgets.


Read these articles about how to optimize your talent performance management system.

Resource Center

Centralize all organizational files into one place for team members, manager, executive or administrator access (depending on security level.)

Role & Wage Management

View and manage team members records including profile, role and wage history, performance review and journal, feedback, goals, learning and files.

Getting Started


The documents in this section will guide you through your BLOOM implementation.


Help your team become better acquainted with BLOOM! Here are training tools to utilize while teaching your team.

Team Member Communication Templates

Utilize these email templates to communicate BLOOM to your managers and team members.

System Settings & Requirements


Configure BLOOM to your organizational or industry standards for all drop downs and lists throughout the system.

System Access & Security

Get help with logging on for the first time or retrieving your lost login. Learn about BLOOM access at 5 distinct security levels.

System Specifications

Learn about the technical nuts and bolts of BLOOM.