BLOOM sends email reminders to admins, executives, supervisors, and team members.

Go to AdminSettings

Go to the Automatic Email section and turn on the reminders that you want to have sent weekly.  

Important notes:
  • If everything is caught up (nothing is due or overdue) an email WILL NOT be sent. 
  • The team member must have a valid email address entered in their profile.
  • The receipient will have the ability to unsubscribe from these notices.


  • When: Monday Morning 
  • Due/Overdue within:  14 days
  • What: Shows performance dialogues, development goals, growth goals (Goals, Objective, Strategy, Tactics), and activities due/overdue. 


  • When: Monday Morning
  • Due/Overdue within:  30 days
  • What: Shows team member performance dialogues, goals, activities


  • When: Monday-Friday Morning 
  • What: Shows pending approvals for all Role Changes and Performance Dialogues.